Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady is a personal finance consultant who loves helping people improve their financial wellness. Her writing is inspired by her work as a credit and housing counselor, where she’s coached hundreds of people to build budgets, improve their credit and buy affordable housing. When Sarah isn’t writing she’s teaching workshops all over the San Francisco Bay Area.

Articles by Sarah Brady

2023 Wells Fargo Auto Loan Review

If you’re looking for an auto loan, it makes sense to go to a familiar institution like Wells Fargo (WF), especially if you are already... read more

Tesla Financing Deals

Starting APR 5.59%Loan terms 24-72 months If you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, you’ve probably considered a Tesla. But Teslas aren’t cheap: Their... read more

Honda Financing Deals

Starting APR 0.00%Loan terms 24-72 months Hondas are known for being reliable, efficient and long-lasting vehicles. Given their reputation, who wouldn’t want to own one?... read more

Ford Financing Deals

Starting APR 0.00%Loan terms 12–84 months Ford is a household name. Chances are you can easily name a few iconic Ford models, even if you... read more

Certified Pre-Owned Warranty vs. CarMax Warranty

There are so many uncertainties involved with buying a used car. How many miles until it needs a pricey repair? Has it been well-maintained? Is... read more

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